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Friday, August 2, 2013

And so it continues......very slowly

I have taken the last few days off from working on my house and furniture making.  I did make a stove for my house and well every time I look at it I get a really good chuckle.  It is funny.  It is the first attempt at making a miniature stove so I am not upset that it came out so sad looking.  I also made a couch that looks ok for my first attempt.  I know with time and practice I will get better and it is a journey that I know will never end but gives me so much joy.  I have been bitten by the miniature bug in a big way.  Everything I look at no matter what it is my first thought is I wonder if I can make a miniature of it.  I will post new pics tomorrow of some of the improvements I made to the flooring in my house in the downstairs and of the first attempts at making a couch and stove.  (they are at least useful for a good laugh)  ;)  I do have an idea of the stove, frig, and sink I would like to make and put in my kitchen of the house.  I want to try and make this one but in white and not pink.

I think it is so adorable and will look great.  It will be pretty easy and the doors will not open I am just going for the look and I think this will be perfect.  I also have to make a new table and chairs for the kitchen because the ones that I have are too big for the house.  Tonight I am going to work on the plans for it and the measurements so that I can cut the wood tomorrow that I will need.  As soon as it is done I will post a picture no matter how it turns out.  :)

Well that is all for now and anyone that comes to visit this little blog please leave a comment.  Ideas, comment, suggestions or anything that you like.  

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Slowly but surely

I am slowly learning how to make miniatures.  Today I made a house plant with one of the candle holders I bought yesterday at a thrift store.  I am so happy how it turned out.  The "dirt" in the flower pot is actually tea and coffee grounds.  I learned that little trick from Joanne's Minis blog.  I also made a picture frame using her technique as well.  I think for the first time making one it came out really well.  I also started making a rocking chair from a model that I have here.  But I made the back a little small and so it looks like the foot board for a single bed.  So I guess that is what I will make out of it.  I also made my first cake. It didn't turn out like the ones I have seen on other websites but it was my first attempt and so I am ok with it.  I actually made it out of part of a cork from a bottle of wine and painted it with fabric paint.  It is really think paint and works well.  So that is what I was busy doing today.  The second picture is the flower box on the front of my doll house.  I think it came out pretty good.

chitter chatter

I am not on my computer right now so I am unable to post some of the things I worked on today.  I will have to wait until I am finally able to access my laptop to post pics.  I wish my mom's computer had a sim card reader so I could put some pics on this blog post but oh well it will have to wait until later.  One thing I did want to mention is yesterday when I did some shopping I was able to get a set of 10 files that were on clearance at Ace Hardware.  These files are like the kind you would find most wood workers using on their own personal projects.  What makes this set of files so special is they are the smaller type files that are great for detailing smaller wood pieces.  Right now I am just practicing using different techniques on my smaller wood pieces to see what they will do.  They were an absolute steal at under $5 for the entire set.  I will have to take a picture and post it here.  There are so many different tutorials and websites that I have been looking at lately that I will eventually post the links to where I learned a particular technique or at least give the person credit where I learn something and then used it in my own mini making adventures.  So that is all for now and later I will post the little projects I worked on today.  Right now they are drying and not ready to be photographed.  Please if you stop by to read my little blog leave a comment or just say Hi.  And I am always always looking for advice when it comes to making miniature furniture and doll houses.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thrift store treasures.

I think thrift stores are a great place to find things that can either be used in a doll house or can be used as a model to make my own furniture for my doll house.  Well today I went to two thrift stores in my town and was so please to find a couple of things that really made me want to dance through the rest of the store and the parking lot to my car.  the first thing I found was a book with complete instructions and measurements to make three different doll houses.  I could not believe my luck in finding the book.  It is something that I will put away for later (when I get good enough to make a doll house from scratch and not use a kit).  The other thing I found today was a set of three small candle holders.  What makes these candle holders so special is they look exactly like a plant holder my mom has in her house.  I actually have a regular size version of this planter in my room and when I found a mini version of it I want to start singing and dancing.  I was so excited.  I knew right away exactly what I would use them for.  So it just goes to show you that thrift stores can be wonderful resources for things that can be used in a doll house or at least recycled and used for a different purpose when it comes to making minis.

Monday, July 22, 2013

My first Doll House

This is my first doll house and I am totally obsessed.  It is so relaxing to work on the house and build furniture for it.  This house is actually one that I bought for my mom about 20 years ago for Christmas one year.  She never had time to work on it so when I moved back in with her I put it in my room where it sat for a year with no progress.  Now the outside is at least for the most part finished.  I am happy with how the roof turned out and the color of the house and the windows are in white trim.  The inside is still a work in progress and I love working on it every day.