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Friday, August 2, 2013

And so it continues......very slowly

I have taken the last few days off from working on my house and furniture making.  I did make a stove for my house and well every time I look at it I get a really good chuckle.  It is funny.  It is the first attempt at making a miniature stove so I am not upset that it came out so sad looking.  I also made a couch that looks ok for my first attempt.  I know with time and practice I will get better and it is a journey that I know will never end but gives me so much joy.  I have been bitten by the miniature bug in a big way.  Everything I look at no matter what it is my first thought is I wonder if I can make a miniature of it.  I will post new pics tomorrow of some of the improvements I made to the flooring in my house in the downstairs and of the first attempts at making a couch and stove.  (they are at least useful for a good laugh)  ;)  I do have an idea of the stove, frig, and sink I would like to make and put in my kitchen of the house.  I want to try and make this one but in white and not pink.

I think it is so adorable and will look great.  It will be pretty easy and the doors will not open I am just going for the look and I think this will be perfect.  I also have to make a new table and chairs for the kitchen because the ones that I have are too big for the house.  Tonight I am going to work on the plans for it and the measurements so that I can cut the wood tomorrow that I will need.  As soon as it is done I will post a picture no matter how it turns out.  :)

Well that is all for now and anyone that comes to visit this little blog please leave a comment.  Ideas, comment, suggestions or anything that you like.  

Thank you for reading.